15 top picks from Amazon to show your pet extra love

Best toys and treats to buy for International Pet Day

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You never need another reason to love up on your pets but here is one anyway—it’s National Pet Day! At any given moment, pets can cycle seamlessly through being your therapist, confidant, cuddler or protector, so it’s only right they have a day dedicated to them and the companionship they provide.

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Amazon has endless options for your beloved pets, but we understand there is a lot to sift through. Here is our pared-down selection of some of its most tried-and-true products to help celebrate your furry, fuzzy or scaley friends.

1. This cooling pet bed

Furhaven’s chaise lounge pet bed comes in a variety of colors.

These highly rated pet beds serve as a plush mini chaise lounge for your pet to burrow or nestle into after a long day of play. Options come in small to jumbo-plus size and a choice of five colors. The soft, velvet-like covers are easily removable to make for quick spot cleaning or machine washing and drying. Customers love how plush the memory foam filling is and insist these beds are sturdy, yet lightweight enough for bigger dogs to carry from room to room.

Get the Furhaven Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Pet Bed from $27.99-$144.99  

2. This childhood throwback chew toy

How adorable is this Gumby chew toy for dogs?

The same brand that makes the viral lambchop toy we’ve covered also makes this adorable throwback to a Claymation classic. Gumby has a plush filling and the squeaker inside isn’t (as one reviewer put it) a “high-pitched shriek from hell,” so it won’t be too harsh on the ears if your dog can’t resist a good squeaker.

Get the Multipet Gumby Plush Filled Dog Toy for $2.79

3. This challenging puzzle 

Your dog will earn his treats with this brick puzzle.

A bored dog can be a destructive one, so try and challenge them with this top-rated treat puzzle. The dog brick comes with three types of treat compartments they can flip, lift and slide to reveal the treat inside. Your dog needs as much mental exercise as they do physical, and this puzzle is a great way to focus their attention and let them problem solve using their natural instincts. Teaching them how to reach the treat at the end will help form and strengthen the bond you have with your pup as well.

Get the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy for  $19.99

4. This nifty ball launcher 

This ball launcher will up your dog’s catch game in no time.

This launcher turns you into Superman when it comes to playing fetch with your dog; it allows you to throw a ball much farther and faster than solely relying on arm strength, so they are sure to be worn out by the distance they cover during playtime. Reviewers love the portable, compact design that doesn’t compromise on launching power.

Get the Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher Medium for $8.72 

5. This camera that throws out treats 

The Furbo dog camera means never leaving your pet.

When you have to leave your pet’s side, you can keep an eye on them with this Furbo camera that has two-way audio and can toss treats out to your fur babies. When we tested the Furbo Camera, we couldn’t find any major cons but discovered quite the list of pros. Night vision allows for around-the-clock monitoring and the free Furbo app makes setup and operation simple and fast. There is also a bark notification so you know what’s happening in your home and can calm them down by talking to your pet through the speaker if need be. It’s always hard seeing your pet’s big cartoon eyes follow you as you walk out the door, but this Furbo camera is sure to ease some of that separation anxiety.

Get the Furbo Dog Camera for $163.99 

6. This chic lounger  

This scratch post-lounger hybrid for the best of both worlds.

I sincerely wish this lounger came in a giant size because I would seriously consider getting one for myself. We extensively reviewed this cat lounger-scratcher hybrid and it lived up to the hype of its 10,000+ reviews. The lounger looks more like a decorative mod object and will blend into any room well if you’re averse to the large traditional cat trees. Reviewers insist this lounger saved their sofas from being constantly scratched up and one reviewer even hung them on the wall like shelves so her cats can climb and hang on them. 

Get the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge for $71.80 

7. These catnip-filled mice

Check out this catnip-filled mouse toy.

This is one of the only toys my cat seems to care about despite having plenty of others to choose from. The mice are packed with catnip and small enough to bat, carry and throw around (though are somewhat easy to lose, so make sure to round them up after playtime). The toys are soft and plushy with a string tail but hold up exceptionally well to all the abuse my cat has put them through.

Get the SmartyKat Skitter Kritters Cat Nip Cat Toy 10pk for $5.95 

8. This magic wand for playful cats

This teaser wand comes with a playful mouse toy

This teaser wand is a fun and interactive toy for them to get some exercise. The lure is attached to a twisted wire cord using a standard fishing spinner attachment and easily allows for removal and attachment of any other lure or toy that you prefer. Reviewers say it’s sturdy and holds up well to playtime, but suggest not ripping it out of your cat’s mouth as you don’t want the spinner to hurt them.

Get the Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy for $11.99 

9. This house plant for your cat 

This cat grass is safe to chew.

If you like cats and you like plants, but hate how much your cat likes your plants, then Cat-A’bout cat grass can help you out. It’s a natural and safe way to satisfy your cat’s need to chew on vegetation and will keep their attention off your carefully cultivated house plants. It’s also easy to grow and requires zero upkeep, according to shoppers. The grass also contains fiber to help their digestion and remedy hairballs.

Get the Cat-A’bout Multi-cat Cat Grass for $5.79 

10. This fun watering hole 

This water fountain keeps their water fresh and filtered.

Let your pets enjoy clean, filtered water with the Veken pet fountain. Flowing water is more attractive to all pets but especially cats, so this fountain will help ensure your pets stay hydrated. The compact design is a space saver and easy to clean, featuring a silicon mat underneath to prevent messy spills. Reviewers particularly liked that the fountain has an easy setup, and the replacement filters are cheap; some reviewers also mentioned that if something breaks within the first two years, Veken has great customer service.

Get the Veken 84-ounce Pet Fountain for $23.99

11. This low-key exercise wheel  

This quiet exercise wheel is ideal for small animals

It’s a timeless must-have for small animals—the running wheel! This plastic wheel can be set up with the included wire stand or attached to your pet’s cage. The plastic material makes it quieter than other wire running wheels and reviewers say it isn’t terribly noisy or loud. A couple drops of vegetable oil on the hub keeps the wheel lubricated and spinning smoothly. The circumference is best suited for hamsters and hedgehogs—anything larger, like a chinchilla, would probably be too cramped in this wheel.

Get the Kaytee Comfort Wheel for $10.97

12. These dreamy, tiny beds

This petite bed is like floating on a cloud for your small pet.

These adorable little fleece pillows will make the perfect bed for your small animal. They come in an array of colors with an all-over moon print. They are machine washable and come in three different sizes for the perfect fit for your pet.

Get the FLAdore Pet Small Animal Bed Mat for $8.59 

13. This colorful perch

Hang this bird perch for your birdie to scratch and hang.

This brightly colored bird perch is perfect for your little winged friends to play and rest. Its rough surface coating keeps nails trimmed naturally and it’s safe for them to chew. It comes with a built-in bolt and metal wing, making installation a breeze.

Get the Mrli Pet Store Colorful Bird Perch Stand Platform for $9.99 

14. This forested little cave  

A perfect hideaway for snakes, frogs and lizards.

Create a humid hideaway for your scaley little friends. The Galapagos mossy cave replicates a natural habitat in your terrarium and is a place for them to burrow and hide. Some upkeep is required as moss can dry out, so reviewers suggest frequent misting and even soaking the cave maybe once a week. It is best suited for smaller reptiles and amphibians and is also available in a 6-inch size.

Get the Galapagos 4-inch Mossy Cave Hide for $18.66

15. This rabbit kabob

A treat for rabbits and chinchillas alike.

A hanging kabob of fun wooden treats for your bunnies or other small animals, the Kaytee perfect chew will entertain them for hours. The shapes and colors are attractive to pets and may remedy their urge to gnaw and chew, according to shoppers. The wooden treats are brightly colored with non-toxic vegetable dye as well. It’s easy to hang in a cage or hutch and reviewers say it’s sturdy enough for their little friends to hang and swing from.

Get the Kaytee Perfect Chew for Rabbits for $2.33 

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