5 Reasons Why Dogs Eat Their Poop


Dogs Eat Their Poop

Have you ever seen someone’s dog or worse your own eating his own poop. It is a very unpleasant and disgusting sight isn’t it. This habit is commonly called coprophagia. Dogs naturally sniff other poops to “read” or find out who has taken a particular territory. To some dogs, however they go the extreme by consuming the altogether.

So why do dogs eat their poop? There are many reasons why some of them resort to this disgusting habit. Below are just 5 of the most popular theories:


1. To supplement his own diet. 

A dog that eats poop is naturally deficient of nutrition. The food he is given at home is probably lacking enough nutrients or vitamins that the poor dog opts to eat the poops of other animals.

2. Stressed or bored dogs. 

Poop eating may be related to boredom or stress. This applies to dogs that are excluded from family life, hence lacking human affection and or attention. They are normally under exercised and stimulated so they resort to habits such as pulling their fur, spinning in circles for hours and ultimately eating their own poop.

3. Dogs carnivorous or scavenger heritage. 

This behavior may be derived from the their natural instinct of being scavengers or carnivores. Carnivores typically will eat the entire carcass of the animal they killed; everything including the digestive tracts that contains poop.

4. Parasites inside the dog’s stomach and digestive tract.

 Flat worms or other parasites robs the calories and nutrients from their stomach and digestive tract. Dog with worms will naturally have a voracious appetite to support the parasites in his stomach. An infested dog will turn to even as poop to satisfy the needs of the parasites within.

5. Improperly house trained dogs. 

Dogs that are improperly house trained sometimes will eat their own poop to conceal or attempt to conceal their inappropriate behaviors. This usually happens to dogs who are punished for mistakes.

In addition to the above theories, nursing dogs eat the poop of their puppies to keep the den area clean and hide her pups from potential predators. Puppies too eat their poops because they are emulating the behavior of their mother.

Coprophagia or dog eating their poo is a disgusting habit of some dogs. They naturally sniff other dog poops to “read” a particular territory. To some dogs, however they go the extreme by consuming the poops altogether. You don’t want your dog to form this kind of habit; so learn why from the above mentioned theories.

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