Adorable puppy becomes best friends with rescue kittens and sleeps beside them at night

One-year-old puppy Popsy didn’t want to say goodbye to fostered rescue kittens, Fawn, Hera and Ralph, after the four of them shared each other food bowls, beds and toys

Cute dog and kitten
It was an unusual but inseparable bond

This adorable friendship between a puppy and a trio of rescue kittens proves that people needn’t fight ‘like cat and dog’.

One-year-old pup Popsy has always got on with cats and kittens, but this bond was like no other.

Owner Catherine Walsh, 60, from Wapping, London, regularly fosters for the animal charity Battersea, and has taken in several sets over the years.

But when she took rescue kitties, Fawn, Hera and Ralph, into her home on March 14, she was shocked by their reception.

The four friends instantly became inseparable and did everything together, from playing to eating and sleeping.

They shared the same food bowl


Catherine Walsh / SWNS)

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The cute pictures show just some of the precious moments the unusual gang shared together before the kittens eventually had to return to the rescue shelter last week.

Catherine said: “Popsy has grown up with a few sets of kittens, so she is used to them.

“As soon as Fawn, Hera and Ralph came in, they were like best friends.

“They would all sleep together in the same basket, play together with each other’s toys, and even eat each other’s food.

“Sometimes the kittens would try and each Popsy’s food, and she seemed to prefer their food too.

“Anything Popsy would do, they would want to do as well – they would wait at the door for us to get back when I took her on a walk.

“The kittens just totally fell in love with Popsy, and she fell in love with them too!”

Fawn, Hera and Ralph were obsessed with Popsy


Catherine Walsh / SWNS)

Popsy isn’t the only dog to have formed an unlikely friendship this week – Ted the farm dog has stepped in to help feed orphaned lambs.

The black Labrador jumped at the opportunity to balance the bottle of milk between his teeth, while six-week-old lamb Frank suckled.

Farmer Libbie Harris, 29, from Bristol, decided to teach Ted how to muck in after she was struggling to juggle all of the animals – and he couldn’t be a cuter helping hand.

Libbie said: “He was able to hold the bottle straight away but if it’s full its a bit too heavy.

“Now I give him the bottle to hold when it’s half empty then I can feed the other two at the same time.”

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