Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic | Not So Fun in the Sun: Dog Skin Issues You May Encounter This Summer

Hound scratching.

Skin troubles can materialize any time of the yr, but our veterinarians at Animal Pores and skin and Allergy Clinic are likely to see far more of them through the hotter months of the 12 months. Understand what skin problems may plague your pooch this time, what to do about them, and in some conditions, how to prevent them.

The Huge 5

There are numerous diverse troubles that influence our pets’ pores and skin. Several can appear similarly and call for diagnostic testing and an skilled eye to pinpoint. Right here are a few pores and skin challenges that we see a ton of in the summer months months. 

The big 5 consist of:

  1. Flea allergy dermatitis–Fleas are at their peak activity levels throughout the summer months, and even though these tiny parasites can be irritating in and of themselves, some pets expertise an real allergic response to the flea saliva. This can persist for 2 weeks immediately after a solitary flea chunk.
  2. Atopy–Atopic dermatitis is a issue in which the skin’s normal immune program is faulty, leaving it open to owning allergic reactions to a lot of allergens these kinds of as pollens, dusts, molds, and weeds. Atopic dermatitis is not constantly seasonal, but several afflicted animals have a tough time for the duration of the summer time months. 
  3. Call dermatitis–Close make contact with with some thing irritating or allergy inducing can guide to an itchy, not comfortable rash. Numerous pets will knowledge make contact with dermatitis on their underside following speak to with the grass or might have irritation secondary to points like chlorine from a dip in the pool. 
  4. Sunburn–Sun exposure is not just a concern for people today. Pets can experience sunburn in particular on a lot more vulnerable destinations like unhaired pores and skin, the strategies of the ears, and the nose. Some autoimmune pores and skin conditions are exacerbated by sun exposure.
  5. Ear and other skin infections–Imbalances in the skin’s usual flora, often secondary to swelling from allergies or irritants, can lead to infections. Ear infections (otitis externa) and moist dermatitis (warm spots) are common summertime troubles. 

How to Assistance Your Pup

Never allow your canine undergo from summer time skin challenges. If you notice symptoms like itching, redness, hair reduction, or a bad odor, make an appointment to see us right absent. It is important for us to detect the problem so that we can handle it correctly.

Relying on the underlying difficulty, factors like medicated shampoos, topical therapies, antibiotics, steroids, or extended phrase drugs for allergies and itching might be approved. 

Protecting against Doggy Skin Problems Where Doable

When not all summer months pet dog skin concerns are preventable, there are definitely some factors that you can do to try to ward off difficulties this year. Be absolutely sure to:

  • Keep your pet up to day on fantastic top quality flea prevention
  • Rinse your pet soon after swimming in the pool or other bodies of water
  • Clear your pet’s ears periodically and after swimming with a commercial ear cleansing option
  • Steer clear of shaving double coated canines which can reduce sun protection 
  • Check out to retain your pet indoors when the sun’s beams are at their strongest (generally from all-around 10 am to 2 pm)
  • Ulilitize pet safe sunscreen or UV protecting clothing. Dermoscent® SunFREE is a great brand name.
  • Use unscented toddler wipes in a pinch to thoroughly clean your pet’s extra delicate areas of pollens or other irritants

Really don’t allow summer months pores and skin issues damage your entertaining in the solar! With a minor work numerous concerns can be avoided and, if they happen in any case, we are in this article to support. 

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