Animal Skin and Allergy Clinic | Pet Skin Rashes You Might See This Summer

Dog scratching itself.

You know your pet much better than everyone, and when anything variations, you are likely the initially to detect. Variations are specially obvious when they involve matters that you can see in your pet’s external visual appeal. Concerns like skin complications can occur at any time, but the summer months may deliver an enhance in pores and skin allergy symptoms or infections. 

Animal Pores and skin and Allergy Clinic is aware of how worrisome pet pores and skin rashes can be this time of 12 months, so we believed we would share some widespread leads to of these lesions and what pet proprietors like you want to know about them.

Leads to of Pet Pores and skin Rashes

Animals can undergo from pores and skin rashes any time of yr, but we typically see them in the course of the summertime months. Improved allergen load, more outdoor time, and bigger parasite exercise all play a part in this uptick in the course of the warmer moments of 12 months.

Some of the far more widespread pet skin rashes we see involve:

  • Atopic dermatitis—Sensitivities to pollens, grasses, weeds, dust, and other allergens can guide to purple, itchy, irritated pores and skin. These rashes can take place any where but are typically seen on the underbelly, armpits, and feet. Speak to dermatitis can also happen in areas in immediate speak to with an irritant, for instance concerning the shoulder blades because of to a topical flea and tick preventative. 
  • Pyoderma—Infections of the skin can come about and are often secondary to atopic dermatitis. 
  • Parasitic dermatitis—Pores and skin mites, like people that lead to mange, as very well as ectoparasites, this kind of as fleas and ticks, can guide to pet skin rashes.
  • Ringworm—Even with its title, ringworm is really caused by a fungus. An infection normally qualified prospects to dry, scaly places on the skin with attainable hair loss and may well be itchy.
  • Bug bites—Fly, mosquito, and other bites may direct to skin alterations that can be rash-like.  
  • Autoimmune disease—Some sorts of autoimmune problems in pets can final result in pores and skin improvements that could current as identical challenges. Some of these situations are exacerbated by sunlight publicity.

What Pet Owners Really should Know

If you detect a change on your pet’s pores and skin, it is significant to end and consider what could be heading on. Whilst many pet skin rashes do need veterinary intervention you can enable by:

  • Imagining about any changes in your pet’s surroundings that might be contributing
  • Bathing with a gentle hypo-allergenic shampoo for pets, or a medicated shampoo approved by your veterinarian
  • Applying neat compresses to soothe itchy pores and skin or great drinking water baths/rinses
  • Trying to keep your pet on superior quality parasite preventives to ward off unwelcome visitors

Usually, though, if your pet is owning pores and skin improvements, it is finest to make an appointment to appear have them examined. Many rashes and other lesions can look likewise on the surface area but have quite unique treatment plans. We could flip to diagnostics these types of as pores and skin scraping, cytology, cultures, biopsies and blood do the job to discover a lot more about what is happening. 

Receiving on prime of pet pores and skin rashes quicker than later is critical to help your pet truly feel their most effective. We are pleased to enable just as shortly as you notice some thing is improper. Pet pores and skin care is what we do ideal. You should phone (425) 742-0342.

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