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Nov 17, 2022

Kesha 21 is genuinely an Austin Animals Alive! kitten. This 3-month-old kitty
was born in our treatment, and lifted in the APA! nursery application. She’s what
we get in touch with a “neonatal graduate”—and indeed it really is all proper to image her
sweet self in a teeny cap and robe.

But when Kesha 21 bought her spay operation, our veterinarians uncovered some heart issues that she’d possible been born with. Further more exams led our vets to think that Kesha 21 has innovative pulmonic stenosis—a uncommon issue in cats.

Owning this affliction signifies that one of Kesha 21’s coronary heart valves is much too
narrow, earning it really hard for her physique to get blood to her lungs. It is really not
just impacting her well being. Kesha 21’s personality is influenced, also.
She’s gotten a little far more tranquil as her heart problems have progressed.

The veterinarians say items will get even worse for Kesha 21, if she will not start out get the job done with a cardiologist. The
blockage of blood stream is placing extra pressure
on her heart, which
could cause Kesha 21 to faint or even go into heart failure.

She will get brief of breath, and fatigued, from the common actively playing
and running that most kittens are able to appreciate. We don’t however know if
the pulmonic stenosis will have an impact on Kesha 21’s lifespan.

A cardiologist who we’ve partnered with ahead of to correct animals’ heart
problems can check with with Kesha 21 and give her the specialty therapy
she needs. Kesha 21 may well be a applicant for medical procedures, or her situation
could be

managed via medication. Immediately after preliminary treatment, this younger
kitten will very likely require a lot more checking nevertheless, so we can hold an eye on
that very small ticker and preserve Kesha 21 as healthful and very well as she can be,
for as lengthy as we can.

Kesha 21’s care is going to be incredibly high priced. Just the preliminary cardiac consultation will charge $5,000.

Though some shelters would give up on a youthful kitten who wanted such
high priced care at these types of a tender age, we know our local community is with us in
believing with all our hearts that Kesha 21 warrants the chance to
dwell, and to dwell properly.

With a woof, a purr, and a thanks,

The APA! Team

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