Cat’s Adorable Interaction With Window Cleaner Melts Hearts Online

From cat Scooter’s condominium, he not only has awesome views of the Toronto skyline, but he is now observed a new buddy in the building’s window cleaner.

Washing the home windows of large structures would be a terrifying and challenging task for most men and women, but the prospect of assembly this feline should make the occupation a good deal additional attractive.

Scooter’s racked up more than a million views on TikTok in just one particular day immediately after his proprietor shared the heartwarming second he fulfilled the window cleaner, albeit by means of a thick sheet of glass.

“The most healthful detail transpired nowadays,” they wrote, demonstrating Scooter strolling around the apartment to the seem of “Yellow” by Coldplay.

The cat approached the massive window, showing up fascinated by the window cleaner doing the job outdoors. He timidly approached, climbing onto the windowsill and following the applications with his head.

It was not extensive prior to he commenced pawing at the window, striving to be a part of in on the career. Adorably, the window cleaner slowed down in moments, ready for Scooter to paw at the software each individual time and interacting with him.

The video can also be witnessed in entire right here.

Scooter already has a huge subsequent on the internet, with 300,000 followers on the account that exhibits movies of him in all his adorable glory. Videos on the account typically reel off “good reasons he wouldn’t survive in the wild,” together with having fun with normal Starbucks, owning his very own seat at the desk for Sunday brunch and currently being tucked in nightly—the definition of a pampered pet.

A single-yr-aged Scooter also likes to be carried all around the metropolis in his own backpack with a place-age fashion bubble window, a lot to the amusement of TikTok viewers.

It is, however, his new friendship with the window cleaner that has definitely captured the hearts of most.

“I would be fired on the initially working day, since I would sit there all working day,” commented a viewer.

“I am a window cleaner just like this guy and truthfully, seeing cats in the window trying to chase the equipment will make my day,” wrote just one TikTok person.

“All I want is a compilation of window cleaners and cats and I will die content,” wrote yet another.

As demonstrated by TikTok’s reaction, cats and window cleaners are normally two peas in a pod, and Scooter just isn’t the 1st to go viral for this type of detail.

Considering that 2015, Rina Takei and her cat, Guinness, have regularly racked up sights in the thousands and thousands on their YouTube videos, showing a feline and window cleaner friendship.

Just like Scooter, Guinness enjoys next all over the cleaning applications with its paws and even operates along the window in time.

Cat sitting at a window
A file image of a cat at a window.
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