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Diana was in the armed forces when she adopted Galileo from a Humane Society.  “Wonderful, animals are out there for adoption at shelters. They never ever tire of showing you how substantially they respect that you gave them a home. Each of my rescues brought delighted times and miracles,” explained Diana.

“I entered PetSmart’s adoption home and this little-striped kitten bravely marched up to me, climbed up my arm and on to my shoulder. Like a normal armed forces ‘brat’ he moved with me from California to Arkansas, then Alaska and ultimately we retired in Texas.  

On our lengthy drives he purr-ched on top of his provider hunting out the truck’s windows giving smiles to other motorists!

He loved his pet stroller walks all over the community and lake. He was a talkative and intuitive cat who realized when I was not sensation perfectly. He detected my breast cancer months just before the doctors.  He purrs-istantly returned to the same spot to knead my breast. I together with other veterans, attribute our lengthy-expression wellbeing challenges to the Gulf War: oil fires, anthrax and other chemical and environmental concerns,” explained Diana.

A war veteran with a strong spirit, Diana survived cancer surgical procedure, months of chemotherapy, 33 radiation treatments and two years of hormonal medication.  Throughout this time, her greatest comfort was the at any time-present Galileo upcoming to her.

A handful of decades ago, Galileo handed shortly just before Christmas.  Times afterwards, the animal shelter posted shots of pets in adorable Christmas hats and apparel. She ‘accidently’ adopted two wild Bengal blended-mutt-maniacs, Avatar and Emmanuel (nicknamed Avi and Manny). “I was keeping Avi, when a paw from the cage next to us achieved out and touched me. So, they the two arrived residence and are most effective close friends.

“Avi and Manny are a blessing,” stated Diana.  “I am pleased to have adopted these two outrageous-fur babies all through Covid’s isolation. When I saw their photographs on the shelter’s web page, I realized that we had been household. Avi is my spiritual cat, when Manny is his lover in crime.

“They arrived ‘crazy wild’ and have triggered our house’s movement and glass detectors! Avi is the instigator oscillating from wild maniac to calm and encourages Manny to join him in wild romps. They sprint all over the property and close up leaping on major of my Jeep in the garage like it is their jungle health and fitness center! Avi has even pulled down the lever doorknobs opening doors!

The ‘kids’ snatch foods off the counter and once dragged a corn cob off the counter onto the ground.

“I’ve qualified them to realize system and sign language for mealtime, tapping bells on the doorways to go inside the garage, or ‘sit’ for nightly prayer time ahead of their dental treats.

They still insanely chase every other close to the household or scale the 10-foot-substantial ground to ceiling screens on the back again screened porch! They go from cuddling on the couch or audio asleep with me to bouncing insanity! I hope they serene down, but then yet again, I hope they never simply because I’m owning fun looking at them obtaining pleasurable and they continue to keep me laughing at their wild creativeness.”


“Keep your cats mentally and physically balanced,” recommended Diana. “Have a lot of toys and a multilevel cat tower scratching publish!  Interact with them when they ‘talk’ to you and preserve the conversation likely. Shell out awareness to their implies of alerting you on what’s taking place inside or outdoors the house!”

Angel Scribe wears a Hoodie backwards, so the hood turns into a hammock for an insecure kitten or dog as a comfortable and reassuring put to rest.

Edith in Michigan wrote, “To stop frost on your windshield, fill a sock with kitty litter and leave it in your car or truck, to absorb humidity.”

“Never put up Absolutely free animals on Encounter reserve or Craigs Checklist,” wrote Adrienne in Connecticut. “Ask for a price because evil men and women who train preventing puppies use free of charge pets as bait.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul guide collection has just lately printed a further two of Angel Scribe’s tales.

“The Hug” seems in ‘Greiving, Reduction and Healing’ and “The Airport Expert” seems in “Too Funny”. These two stories are the 8th and 9th that Chicken Soup has bundled by Mary Ellen Angel Scribe.

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