Cute cat and kitten photos from Wiltshire for Happy Cat Day

We are delighted that so numerous viewers answered our get in touch with to obtain the fairest feline of them all for Delighted Cat Working day and sent in their adorable cat snaps.

It turns out it is impossible to pick out 1, or even a top rated 10, as cats are clearly a ridiculously photogenic species. 

What we have performed is compile a checklist of some furry good friends that caught our eye, and have remaining the decision up to you.

Come to feel free of charge to bookmark this article for when you will need a choose-me-up and scroll to your heart’s material.

Sleepy Cyril 

Salisbury Journal:

From Zara Rollins.

Major-eyed Bear 

Salisbury Journal:

From Zoey Croucher

Lovely Albus 

Salisbury Journal:

From Ella Lily Pragnell.

Gorgeous Nala 

Salisbury Journal:

From Emily Cope.

The happiest cat alive 

Salisbury Journal:

From Sharntelle Louise Snowden.

Exclusive Ivy 

Salisbury Journal:

From Megan Cresswell.

Willo and Wisp 

Salisbury Journal:

From Kelly McKee.

Meerkat kitty 

Salisbury Journal:

From Caroline Bebbington.

Lazy-Working day Lenny  

Salisbury Journal:

From Richard Shaw.

Lucy and Spot 

Salisbury Journal:

From Donna Roper.

Tim with his teddy 

Salisbury Journal:

From Natasharr ‘Dave’ Working day.

Ice-warm Chilli 

Salisbury Journal:

From Michelle Bantoft.

Tripping-hazard Bob 

Salisbury Journal:

From Nicola Joyce.

Photo-ideal Peaches and Sherman 

Salisbury Journal:

From Hannah Johnson.

Bewitching Wilma 

Salisbury Journal:

From Paula Holbrook-Witt.

Captivating Tala and Jinx

Salisbury Journal:

From Sarah Falconer.

Flower-women Daisy and Rosie

Salisbury Journal:

From Kingsley Read​.

Clever Marble

Salisbury Journal:

From Hannah Midwinter.

Mysterious Mocha

Salisbury Journal:

From Jackie Gale.

New-mum Olive

Salisbury Journal:

From Marian Wright.

Cat-or-pillow Jenny

Salisbury Journal:

From Tina Damarell.

A camouflaged kitty

Salisbury Journal:

From Christina Mckinley.

Magical Merlin

Salisbury Journal:

From Elly Elphick.

Handsome awareness-seeker

Salisbury Journal:

From Lowri Roberts.

Whiskered slipper-warmer

Salisbury Journal:

From Liam Rossi.

Best circle cat

Salisbury Journal:

From Abi Durham.

Uncanny Misty and Milo

Salisbury Journal:

From Holly McCormack.

Playful Ezra

Salisbury Journal:

From Lorraine Beavis.

Lovely Luna

Salisbury Journal:

From Emily Hickman.

Piglet by title

Salisbury Journal:

From Karen Blatchford​.

Magnum thief Oscar

Salisbury Journal:

From Jo Earley.

Specific delivery Tilly

Salisbury Journal:

From Carla Russell.

Blue-eyed Bimini

Salisbury Journal:

From Shirley Evans.

Negative-lifestyle possibilities baby

Salisbury Journal:

From Richard Hayes.

Dapper boy Claude

Salisbury Journal:

From Karen Welfare.

Tv set time Tigger

Salisbury Journal:

From Sarah Moakes.

Cat-nap-time Bubbles

Salisbury Journal:

From Wendy Brindley Stokes.

If that wasn’t sufficient cat-content material for you, then you can discover the origional write-up under. 

Remember to heart your favourites so that their entrepreneurs know how much you enjoy them way too. 

If you’ve manufactured it to the base of this listing and think there is a clear winner, feel free to enable us know in the remarks… 

Update: The first picture documents ended up not showing nonetheless we have mounted this now.

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