Duck rescue pleads to stop releasing pet ducks into the wild

HIGHLAND, Utah — Amy Needham, President of Puddle Duck Rescue, guesses she’s rescued a lot more than 100 ducks.

“Most people do not know what’s taking place,” she stated. “There’s these animals that are at the whim of people, and they’re becoming place on ponds to fundamentally suffer and die now. And then our taxpayer pounds are staying employed to round them up and kill them.”


Puddle Duck Rescue

Highland Glen Park is a single put people have been dumping ducks, and Highland Town has been euthanizing them out of worry for general public wellbeing, stated Erin Wells, General public Data Officer.

“The greater the duck inhabitants, the additional duck feces get still left in our ponds,” she reported. “And dependent on the yr, if we’re obtaining a lousy 12 months for water, not ample h2o is having into the pond to filter out all those feces, and it can guide to E. coli difficulties for us in this pond.”

The ducks individuals are acquiring at farm offer merchants just can’t survive in the wild they never have the proper instincts, Wells reported. Releasing a duck into your nearby pond is actually illegal much too.


Puddle Duck Rescue

“They adopt ducks from animal outlets pondering it is really likely to be enjoyable, something it’s possible for easter springtime,” she stated. “But then the ducks increase up and they do not realize what it really is like to care for an grownup duck or how long a duck lives.”

Professionals can convey to which ducks are wild and which ones are not significant ducks, particularly white ones, aren’t native this ecosystem. The domesticated ducks also don’t leave for the duration of the winter.

“Domestic breeds are significantly greater than wild duck,” mentioned Needham. “So if the duck is much, substantially more substantial than a mallard and does not appear like a mallard, fantastic, possibilities are it’s a pet that didn’t choose a cab to the pond. They ended up put there.”

Puddle Duck Rescue, and other duck rescues like Wasatch Wanderers, have been combating for towns to cease killing ducks.


Puddle Duck Rescue

“I consider most folks are empathetic and treatment when they see suffering,” reported Needham. “It really is just, individuals you should not know that this is an difficulty that is occurring.”

As of Thursday, Highland Town is now taking culling off the table this yr and is operating with Puddle Duck Rescue and Wasatch Wanderers to come across forever residences for these ducks. A area Boy Scout will also be producing signs to put up at Highland Glen, educating people today about the problem and telling people to prevent dumping ducks. Highland Metropolis under no circumstances needed to have to destroy ducks in the first location, mentioned Wells.

“We’re certainly on the same web page,” she explained. “We have no desire in undertaking a culling method. We never want to kill the ducks. And it also charge the town revenue to just take treatment of that.”

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