Eileenanddogs Is 10 Years Old

A white dog with reddish brown ticking and brown and black on his face is lying on a mat very close to a tan dog with black ears and a black muzzle. They are both looking to the left.
Lewis and Clara in 2022

There are a lot more important things happening in the world right now, but I’m going to hoist a little flag as the 10th anniversary of my blog flies by.

I published my first post on July 21, 2012. I love writing this blog. It is my dessert after other tasks, it’s a refuge, it’s fun. I have published 367 posts.

I feel like I should write an overarching retrospective about how creating the blog has influenced and steered my life, because the effects have been huge and positive. But I don’t seem to have the mental energy. Instead, I’ll show you which posts have garnered the most views, then, for the first time, I’ll provide a list of upcoming posts.

Historically Popular Posts

Here are my top posts for all time. I was pleased that the post about the “smiling” dog made the cut.

Top Posts for all days ending 2022-07-13

"Does Your Dog REALLY Want to Be Petted?"
Home page/Archives
"Ringing the Bell to Go Out: Avoid These 4 Common Errors!"
"The Secret to Quick Non-Crumbly Homemade Dog Treats"
"No More Cutting! Make 500 Non-Crumbly Dog Treats from a Pyramid Mold"
"Is That 'Smiling' Dog Happy?"

And here are my most-viewed posts for the last year. (Not necessarily published in the last year.) I’m super pleased that two posts on dogs and sound made it to the top group.

Top Posts for 365 days ending 2022-07-13 (Summarized)
Home page/Archives
"I Just Show Him the Water Bottle and He Behaves—I Don't Have to Squirt Him!"
"Ringing the Bell to Go Out: Avoid These 4 Common Errors!"
"Does Your Dog REALLY Want to Be Petted?"
"No More Cutting! Make 500 Non-Crumbly Dog Treats from a Pyramid Mold""The Secret to Filling a Food Tube"
"How to Tone Down That Plastic Dog Collar Click (and why)"
"How Does Dog' Hearing Compare to Humans'?"

Posts in the Works

I’ve backed away from controversy lately, I think because the state of the world is so stressful that I can’t add any more stress to my life. But oh, I still have opinions on things. I currently have 233 draft posts in the works, ranging from 3,000-word tomes to just a title and a couple of notes. Here is a sampling.

  • Yet Another Fake Dog Video (or the title my friend Marge suggested: Stop Sharing Those Videos. Just Stop.)
  • Goodbye for Now, Dr. Premack
  • Conditioning a Dog to an Explosive Sound Like a Gunshot
  • What If My Dog Responds Only When I Have Treats?
  • Not Punished by the Poop: Decoupling Positive Punishment and Negative Reinforcement
  • Hard Mouth, Soft Mouth: How Does My Dog Take Treats?
  • Contrafreeloading: What’s Cool About It. What to Be Careful Of.
  • Does Licking Food Release More Endorphins than Eating? (Hint: Probably Not)
  • What If My Dog Is Scared of a Very High Frequency Sound?
  • I Got Trained Like Pavlov’s Dogs—Then Things Fell Apart
  • One Big Bite: Delivering Magnitude Reinforcement
  • Surprise! How the Rescorla-Wagner Model Can Improve Our Classical Conditioning Technique
  • Why I Don’t Use the Term “Consent” in Dog Training (While Training Similarly to Those Who Do)
  • Optimizing Freedom on Suburban Walks
  • What Happens When We Use a Cue Before the Dog Knows It? Maybe Not What We’ve Been Taught.

I’m sure there will be posts about Clara’s and Lewis’ latest accomplishments, as well.

There you have it: a peek into the blog’s future. I sincerely thank you for reading.

Photos from 10 Years Ago

A tan dog with a black muzzle looks out from under a staircase with a yellow tennis ball next to her
Clara in 2012
A sable dog and a smaller black and tan dog are together on a purple mat, looking at the person holding the camera
Summer and Zani in 2012
An old rat terrier in the snow wearing a red coat looks off into the distance
Cricket in 2012

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