Holistic Remedies To Calm Dogs With Stress & Anxiety

Holistic Remedies To Calm Dogs With Stress & Anxiety

Sometimes life can be stressful. Dogs can feel the same level of anxiety and stress that humans experience. Dogs, unlike humans, cannot express their discomfort vocally (nor can they explain what is happening or how to relieve their stress).

It just takes one unpleasant event, such as your dog passing out during fireworks, to have that terrifying memory etched in its mind.

Anxiety is exaggerated  by fears or phobias. Anxiety displays itself in a variety of ways. It might be sadness, aggression, destructive behavior or other behaviors such as accidents in the home, drooling, or frequent barking.

Behavioral changes in your dog are among the most noticeable ways to know that your pet is suffering from stress and anxiety. The most important things they need at such times is your support, love, proper care, and anxiety-reducing supplements.

If your dog shows any of the usual symptoms of anxiety, you can help them relax. There are several methods for relieving your dog’s tension. Anxiety medications can have serious negative effects, including death. Fortunately, there are many holistic treatments that are effective in providing canine comfort from stress and anxiety.

Signs Indicating Anxiety In Your Dogs

There are signs that indicate anxiety in dogs:

  • Frequent barking or howling when left alone
  • Physical signs like shivering, panting, pacing, or cowering
  • Trying to run away, break fencing in the yard, or excessive digging
  • Constant chewing or destruction of furniture or other items
  • Indicating signs of self-harm such as excessive licking or chewing fur or paws

Natural and holistic remedies have been proven successful in treating various problems in dogs and cats. Although you may feel that medicine is required to alleviate your pet’s anxiety, there are several natural therapies that are very effective. It only takes time to discover which one(s) will work for your pet. Let’s go through some of the ways that can help treat and offer canine’s comfort from anxiety:

  • Modification In Lifestyle Of Dogs Is Necessary

Exercise and other types of behavioral stimulation are two of the most effective (and least expensive) ways of naturally lowering anxiety. If your dog is anxious, one way you might help him is with regular exercise.

Young and lively breeds (Border Collies, Weimaraner, Jack Russell Terriers, and so on) and their mixes require more action to ‘get out the crazy’ than elderly and more sedentary dogs. Many pups like to chase a ball or play Frisbee, go for a run or walk, play with other dogs, and other strenuous activities.

Less intensive and lower-impact activities, like walking about the neighborhood or having a canine pal come over to hang out, may provide adequate behavioral stimulation for older dogs and those with diseases or mobility concerns.

  • Soft & Soothing Music Helps Dogs Calm Down

Humans aren’t the only ones who can be soothed by music. Many owners keep their television or radio on when they leave the house to comfort their dogs. There is, however, specialist music that may be played to assist severely nervous dogs. Music may assist with a variety of issues, including separation anxiety and travel anxiety. There are even compilations created to assist dogs with noise fears.

What types of music do dogs enjoy? Several types of music have been demonstrated to be more successful at relaxing dogs. Reggae and soft rock have been shown to be the most calming for dogs, while classical music can also assist calm dogs in stressful situations. Alter the stations or music you leave on for your dog. Isn’t it true that everyone appreciates a little variety?

  • Oils In Prescribed Dosages Relaxes Dogs

Some oils are highly beneficial in treating anxiety and stress in dogs. Oils are also used in cancer treatments for dogs and are proven to be highly effective in treating several diseases. Here are some types of oils that you can give to your anxious dog:

  1. Hemp Oil (CBD)

Hemp oil has recently received a lot of attention for its health advantages. Many of these advantages apply to dogs as well. According to studies, hemp oil interacts with the neural system to reduce anxiety and promote serotonin synthesis.

Hemp works quite rapidly. It is excellent for situational anxiety since it may be used as soon as the stimulus of fear develops and swiftly helps to relieve tension. Hemp can also be used to alleviate travel anxiety. If you are going on a trip, a dosage of hemp oil might help to relax your dog. You can get hemp oil from Vitality Science.

  1. Dog Anxiety – Soothing Solution (Herbal Tincture)

This dog-anxiety soothing solution is made by using ingredients that have been used in healing remedies from ancient times. This solution is not only effective in reducing anxiety but is also safe and has no side effects. Licorice – a harmonizing herb (used in Chinese remedies) is used to balance the tincture.

This solution is made by blending active ingredients in a prescribed manner including Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice), Nepeta Cataria (Catnip), Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap), and Matricaria recutita (Chamomile, German). Soothing Solution contains no artificial preservatives, synthetic flavors, or artificial colors. 

  1. Fish Oil (Vital Pet Lipids)

Vital Lipids is a supplement for cats and dogs that soothes all neurological systems. Vital Lipids is a one-of-a-kind product designed to satisfy the specific demands of domesticated animals today.

Vital Pet Lipids contains high DHA tuna oil, vitamin E, and astaxanthin. This is an extraordinarily potent array of oil-based nutrients. These fatty nutrients give immediate favorable outcomes that no other product can match. With these fats in their diet, your cat or dog will come to life. 


Your canines’ comfort and health should be prioritized. Anxiety is an important issue that many pets face. It may begin mildly, but if left untreated, it can snowball and worsen to the point where your dog’s behavior appears uncontrollable.

Varied methods of therapy have different effects on dogs. Depending on how severe the anxiety, natural herbal tinctures, such as Soothing Solution are recommended because they have very few unwanted side effects.

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