Homeward Pet | The Stories of Giving Tuesday 2022

The Stories of Giving Tuesday 2022

As we near the end of the year, we want to take the time to reflect on all the lives we have touched together. You have helped hundreds of kittens, provided low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for community-owned animals, and helped numerous medically challenged animals find their new loving homes.

All of this is possible because of loyal supporters like you.

This year, we shared stories with you about guests like Oscar – who required multiple ear surgeries to heal his chronic ear infections; Cowboy who finally found his home after debilitating anxiety and reactivity; Black Jack who found a doggie companion who accepted his three legs and adventurous nature; and our deaf little Dandelion who went home with someone willing to learn doggy sign language.

Thanks to you, we continue to say yes to animals with behavioral and medical challenges.

We will welcome animals like Freddie.

An older pit bull with a huge malignant growth dangling from his back leg and some smelly skin issues, Freddie didn’t even seem to notice as he pushed his happy face into the arms of willing volunteers.

Freddie was found as a stray in Tacoma so we do not know much about his history. What we do know is that he’s sweet and gentle and playful and grateful for attention.

We got him in to surgery to remove the growth and associated cancer soon after he arrived. Now that he’s had a few medicated baths, his coat is soft and welcoming to pats and cuddles from the dozens of volunteers who want to love on him every day.

Our volunteers don’t fret over whether an animal has health issues, has seen a few years of life, or might even be a little stinky – all they know is that there is an animal that needs love and they’re in the shelter to give it to them.

We are waiting for the results of whether we were able to get all of the cancer in Freddie’s first surgery. However, if more surgeries or treatments are needed, we will do them without question.

Because of you, we do not shy away from animals who have multiple or expensive challenges.

The staff and volunteers are committed to supporting Freddie during his time with Homeward Pet, however long that might be. Please join us in supporting Freddie and all the animals like him that we continue to welcome with open arms.

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Please help us meet our goals to help more animals find and stay in homes in 2023.

At any given time, Homeward Pet Adoption Center is caring for and supporting over 120 animals. They range in colors, ages, abilities, and conditions. Walking the halls of the shelter, you’ll hear mews and barks, as well as loving volunteers and staff joining the smiling faces of the animals at the end of a leash or in their arms.

While every animal receives love and attention, some need a little extra special treatment. Luna, a beautiful, loving, treat-motivated pup is one of those animals who has received a little extra pampering.

If you looked into Luna’s eyes, you would think there is nothing bothering her but, when she arrived, her health was in rough condition. Large chunks of fur were missing, and the skin underneath was raw and sore. To help treat this condition, Luna is spending a lot of time in the Homeward Pet “Spa”, with volunteers who understand the healing benefits of a bit of pamper time – and medicated shampoo.

Luna might always be a little patchwork dog, but that doesn’t mean she needs to endure the discomfort she came in with. The baths she received provided relief for her, and we have recently found an adopter for Luna who is commited to providing the ongoing care she needs to ensure the happiest life possible.

Because of your support, we are able to treat her external condition to match the light that shines from within.

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Every year Homeward Pet shelters and finds homes for hundreds of homeless kittens.

While irresistibly cute, most kittens require weeks or months of foster care until they are old enough to be adopted. Many of these kittens, just days old, require bottle-feeding every few hours. As they grow, kittens will eat three to four meals a day.

With every kitten season we welcome carrier upon carrier filled with kittens. This year was no exception – we have housed over 300 kittens so far and they continue to come through our doors!

Currently, have 20 kittens we are caring for. While they are enjoying their time playing with bubbles, chasing lasers and entertaining fosters, volunteers, and staff, they still need multiple meals a day while they wait to go to their new homes.

Your donation today ensures that kittens like Salamander, Glacier, and Romeo get the food, toys, and socialization needed while they spend their time at Homeward Pet.

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Just because an animal has serious medical complications, doesn’t mean that we give up on them.

Karma came through our doors with both hyperthyroid disease and early signs of kidney disease. She also came with a zest for life and an adventurous nature.

Both of these illnesses would take time, and a certain amount of trial and error to find the right balance of medication to treat her symptoms and make her life manageable.

The longer Karma was with us, the more we got to know her. Karma’s personality emerged as her symptoms were managed and her pain and discomfort decreased. We discovered that she loved laying under the sun lamp and watching birds on the TV screens. Her ultimate favorite thing though – hours upon hours of lap time.

As we learned these fun personality quirks, we were able to share them with potential adopters, and after some time, Karma left Homeward Pet. Her new family adores her, and has even started harness training her to give her time outside to see real birds and not just ones on a screen.

Your support provides the funds for this type of extended medical care and intervention. Homeward Pet is blessed to have a clinic and staff that goes above and beyond to prepare a customized veterinary plan for each animal we host.

Your support this Giving Tuesday means more animals like Karma, can spend the time they need at Homeward Pet, while healing and waiting for their new loving home.

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Last Spring, our Intake Manager, Katie, helped welcome an extra-large, 6.5-year-old black lab named Gridley from the Yakima Transport Van. Yakima is just one of several outlying areas that we work with to help alleviate the overcrowded situations in their shelters.

Gridley was set up as a guest in a 10×5 kennel with toys and a soft bed. With no outstanding medical or behavioral challenges, he was cleared for adoption right away.

He was a fun-loving, couch potato of dog. Our volunteer walkers reported that he was easy to walk but prefered cuddling or quiet time. However, weighing in at 115 pounds, his size tended to be a concern for potential adopters.

He stayed for 2 months as a guest in our shelter and was loved by staff and volunteers alike.

His adopters discovered him through our adoption outreach program and drove up from Portland Oregon to finalize the paperwork to adopt him.

Gridley’s new family fell in love with him, yet they found it necessary to reach out to our Post-Adoption Support and Behavior Line for help.

Gridley was indeed a big lover and couch potato. However, he was having a hard time adjusting to his new life. He had become anxious, vocal and destructive, and his adopters needed help figuring out how to best ease his anxiety. Joining a new family can sometimes be stressful for both the humans and the animals.

We pride ourselves in our ability to be there for our adopters, even after adoption.

Our Behavior Team communicated weekly with the adopters, providing tips and tricks to help Gridley adjust. After a challenging 8 weeks, Gridley settled in, and his adopters sent the following update:

“My husband and I love snuggling with him, as he politely sneaks onto our bed in the wee hours of the morning and nestles himself in between us.

We start training with Noble Woof trainers (thanks for the recommendation, Theo) next month to work on basic training and some impulse issues, but he has shown that he is highly trainable and eager to please.

We had a challenging start with Gridley, and of course we were worried we wouldn’t be the right fit for him, but we are so glad we stuck with him! He is a great dog and we love him!”

While we care for the animals within the walls of the shelter, our compassion and support doesn’t end there. With our Behavior and Adoption Support Teams, we provide free services and support to adopters, while they adjust to new life with their new family member.

Your support makes this possible!

Thank you in advance for donating to Giving Tuesday. All of the animals at Homeward Pet are grateful to you for helping us be able to reach out even beyond adoption to keep them in their homes.

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Juliet and Mishka are so thankful for you.
Giving Tuesday, the biggest giving day of the year, is only 2 weeks away!

While many of the animals that come through our doors spend their time in kennels in our shelter, others are better served by using our foster program. Some situations require longer stays – such as when we have a bonded pair of animals. A foster home is more comfortable and provides us with a lot more information about how these animals act in a home environment.

We do our best to keep bonded animals together.

Juliet and Mishka came to us in March. They were big beautiful cats, full grown, and bonded. After being in the shelter for just a few short days, they were able to go into foster where they thrived. It wasn’t long before they were purring and playing and felt at home.

We are grateful for having a program that offers us the option to add a stay in a foster home to an animal’s care plan.

After 4 months in foster, they found and moved into their forever home.

While Juliet and Mishka’s story had a happy ending, there are still many cats and dogs waiting for theirs — and more arriving every day.

Your support today provides the daily supplies needed to give care to our guests while they wait, and also provides opportunities for fun and enrichment activities for them whether they are in the shelter or in a foster home.

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Last year on Giving Tuesday, you raised $47,822 for Homeward Pet. These funds helped provide essential veterinary care for medically fragile animals to increase their quality of life. Since last November, over 1,100 animals have come through our doors, needing love, support, and veterinary care.

This year, we have plans to provide even more dogs and cats with the care they need before they find their forever home.

Toby and Tanner came to us after one of their owners passed away. Sadly, they came to us in pretty rough shape. Tanner’s nails were so severely overgrown, they had curled around and cut his paw pads. Toby’s teeth were so infected that we had to immediately take him into surgery to remove all but two teeth.

Our caring volunteers blended their food to make it easier to eat, and took them on short, but love-filled, walks while they recovered. Soon, their medical issues healed, and their spunky personalities emerged.

We learned that Tanner LOVES toys and stands on his hind legs like a meerkat, while Toby, who loves to greet everyone with happy yaps, also loves a good belly rub. After a few weeks in our care, they found their forever home, together.

While Toby and Tanner are now home with their new family, many other animals are still waiting, and coming in every day with needs that must be met. Your continued support provides opportunities for so many cats and dogs to heal, recover, and find comfortable, supportive loving homes.

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