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How to Find The Best Pet Insurance, as a pet owner you might be interested in purchasing pet insurance. You have likely already discovered. Making this decision can be both tough and confusing. 

In addition, there are soo many providers. There are also a plethora of options for coverage and customization where your plan is concerned. 

And so, if you are wise, you will get in a significant amount of research before firmly choosing which pet insurance company suits you. Which plan is best suited for your pet? 

When considering what type of pet insurance is best, you want to look into the reputation of all the pet insurance providers you are interested in. 

You will also want to research the types of coverage they offer as part of their coverage. If you arrive at Spot as your answer for the best pet insurance.  This is your chance to find out the other reasons why this makes total sense. 


Best for Unlimited Benefits

You will soon discover one of the reasons Spot is among the best choices for a pet insurance company. They Offer unlimited annual benefits and customizable deductibles that fit your finances.

And clarity where reimbursement percentages are concerned. Spot also provides coverage for hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions – which is not always common with other pet insurance providers. 

In addition to these obvious and important benefits, Spot does not have an upper age limit, and there is no lifetime limit on its plan payouts.


Pet Insurance Benefits

While researching Spot, you will find that it has a variety of benefits – some of which we will detail below. 

First, at Spot, clients will have the option to purchase unlimited annual benefits. Unlike other pet insurance companies, Spot does not place caps on annual benefit payouts. 

Instead, they offer a series of options that range from the lowest amount of $2,500. To an unlimited amount of annual benefits. 

Given that this range is offered. You can then go ahead and pick the amount that best serves your pet’s needs and fits your budget. 

Second, while most pet insurers place restrictions on how old a client’s pet can be to qualify for an insurance policy, Spot does not. 

For some companies, the age limit can be as low as ten years – which is still a significant amount of time passing before your pet can qualify. 

Thankfully, Spot allows clients to get full accident and illness coverage regardless of their pet’s age. 

Third, some insurers will have you waiting a fair time (as much as six months). To seek care for accidents and illnesses after you initially enrol. Spot’s waiting period is only a short period of 14 days.

Fourth, Spot is always there for you – specifically in the form of a 24/7 telehealth helpline. 

Unlike some other pet insurance companies, Spot grants all their clients 24/7 access to a veterinarian helpline to discuss issues. Such as medication, side effects of any medication provided, and emergency treatment. And additional details regarding your pet’s condition.


Things to Keep in Mind

As you inquire about pet insurance policies, there are a few things we encourage you to keep in mind. 

First, as you request quotes for your pet’s insurance plan, keep a watch on how much premiums run and whether they are higher than the average in the insurance industry. 

Second, while not all insurance companies have bilateral exclusion clauses (when a pet has been diagnosed with a health issue and it is connected to an issue in the future) – companies such as Spot do. 

Finally, keep a watch on any additional transaction fees that are in play, whether you pay your premium monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

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Insurance Plans for Cats and Dogs

When you are looking for accident and illness plans for your dogs and cats, there are a few things to consider. In the case of an accident and illness plans.

 Spot provides clients with coverage for some occurrences, including consultation fees, hospitalizations, surgeries, X-rays, poison control, and microchip implantation. 

These plans range in deductibles ($100 to $1,000) and offer a series of reimbursement options (that range from 70%, 80%, or 90%). 

In the case of accident-only plans. these plans only cover treatments for issues such as broken limbs, fractured teeth, toxic ingestion, microchip implantation, and unexpected injuries. 

Unfortunately, these plans do not cover treatments for illnesses, as in the case of cancer or influenza. These plans range in deductibles ($100 to $1,000) and offer a series of reimbursement options (that range from 70% to 90%). 

Where wellness is concerned, Spot offers two preventative care plans – gold and platinum – both of which can be added to its existing insurance policies. 

That said, these plans cannot be purchased separately from existing plans. The case of the gold preventative care plan. It provides clients with up to $250 in annual reimbursement and covers issues such as dental cleanings. Vaccines. 

The platinum option, however, provides clients with up to $450. In annual reimbursement and covers issues such as neutering and bordetella vaccines.


Tools for Pet Insurance

In addition to the insurance plan, many insurance companies also provide educational tools on their websites. 

Whether using your computer or an Android and iOS device, clients can easily access the company’s tools, submit a claim or contact a veterinarian.

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