How to humanely handle feral cats

Veterinarian Dr. Joanna Reen docks a cats ear to signal it has been spayed or neutered during a Licking County Trap Neuter Release clinic on Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021 at Refugee Canyon Veterinary Services.

The latest responses about neighborhood cats at local candidate community forums introduced a lot-needed mild to the local community cat challenge in Licking County. As a group cat advocate, I welcome the consideration to a issue affecting the welfare of 1000’s of cats in Licking County and the individuals living close to them.

A local community cat is an outside, unowned, absolutely free roaming cat. This features deserted, misplaced formerly socialized animals, their offspring, and genuinely feral cats that have been born in the wild, in no way socialized to humans. Local community cats often count on men and women for foods and shelter. The folks who guidance these cats are termed colony caregivers.

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