I have 50 pet rats and I spoil my cuddly babies with baths

She’s got a gentle location for vermin.

A so-termed serious rodent fanatic has absent viral right after bathing her 50 rat “babies” in her kitchen area sink.

Michele Raybon, 51, of Palmdale, California, has not stopped gathering pet rats considering that she obtained her to start with bunch in 2018. Now, the 50 “cuddly” pets splash in her kitchen area sink when it is bathtime.

The rat-lover calls the furry close friends her “babies,” despite some of them — 25 males and 25 ladies — not getting as pleasant as other people.

“They just about every have their very own individual temperament so quite a few rats adhere out to me a lot more than many others,” she explained. “They’re pretty social and when you feed them, they all appear working.”

The abundance of rats does not overwhelm Raybon, who is an animal lover.
Michele Raybon / CATERS Information

She received the rambunctious rats from a breeder in Texas, but on relocating to California, recognized there were no rat breeders in the space. What started as an endeavor to offer rats to other rodent lovers turned into an countless adore affair with the critters.

“So that’s why I have so a lot of simply because I bred them for temperament, just so I could offer them to other men and women who appreciate rats,” she reported. “Then I stopped providing them and now they are my pets, that’s why I have so several. There are a lot of them.”

But Raybon doesn’t just quit at rodents: She’s an avid animal lover who owns 4 German shepherds, three cats and two pigs, which are living in a barn. She’s beforehand owned two sheep, two goats, 25 chickens and 15 ducks and geese, only parting means with them thanks to remaining disabled from time put in in the Military.

Michele Raybon holding rat
Raybon enjoys her rats dearly as a devout animal caretaker.
Michele Raybon / CATERS News

“I used to rescue cats, feral cats, I took care of them and rehomed them. I seriously do have a coronary heart for animals,” she reported.

When she wished to turn out to be a veterinarian expanding up, it just under no circumstances occurred. So she opts for rescuing animals as an alternative.

“I would not get in touch with it an obsession, but mainly because I do adore animals, I rescue a large amount of animals,” she stated. “I do have a tendency to rescue animals, so my ex-spouse calls me Dr. Dolittle. I acquire care of them I consider them to the vet.”

When friends enter Raybon’s dwelling, they’re usually shocked by the sheer range of rodents, but Raybon promises her toddlers gain them about — in spite of some remaining apprehensive.

Raybon refers to her pets as her “babies.”
Michele Raybon / CATERS News

“Some folks have a predisposed notion about rats, they imagine that they’re dirty, diseased animals,” she mentioned. “All my rats have a fantastic temperament, so I’ll introduce somebody to just one of them and I typically gain them over, or the rats earn them over.”

Although some persons just can’t “get previous the stigma” of rats as dwelling animals, Raybon has successfully changed the minds of some doubtful site visitors.

“A ton of men and women have transformed their minds and they shockingly want them as pets.”

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