NJPW Golden Series 2022 Results: Toru Yano Defeats Minoru Suzuki In Dog Cage Deathmatch, House Of Torture Remain NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions (02/20)

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Minoru Suzuki is ready to eventually end Toru Yano. Around his occupation, Yano has price tag him numerous massive paydays, spoiling his operates in tournaments. On the other hand, when Suzuki was in a position to declare the KOPW 2022 trophy, he finally had the psychological edge on Yano – who covets that trophy.

Tonight, all regulations are thrown out as they fulfill in the initially at any time Pet Cage Deathmatch in NJPW historical past, which was voted on by the lovers – beating out a Handcuff match. The winner merely requires to defeat their opponent so badly that they can location them in a doggy cage – a large humiliation for any individual.

Toru Yano introduced a beloved regional mascot to the ring for this match, as he usually hypes the bears in Hokkaido. Minoru Suzuki introduced handcuffs as effectively, and a pet collar as very well. All of this is lawful, they just really do not acquire the match.

Minoru Suzuki Is A Caged Animal… Pretty much! Toru Yano Reclaims KOPW Trophy!

The cage was set up on the ramp, just before we’d in fact see some wrestling in the ring. Both equally Yano & Suzuki are terrific wrestlers, and an opening sprawl showed this. However, Suzuki promptly moved to people stiff strikes – levelling Yano with a forearm smash. Yano hit back and Suzuki just stared at him prior to the former KING OF PANCRASE just smacked him all around and to the outdoors.

Suzuki would run Yano down with the puppy cage – and he didn’t do it for The Rock. Yano would be thrown into the cage, but Suzuki would adhere to him in and nail some large strikes. Suzuki would test to lock the doorway, but Yano kicked the door into Suzuki. Back in the ring, Suzuki would use the corner that Yano uncovered to set up the snapmare into the PK.

Yano nailed a lower blow in reaction before handcuffing Suzuki. Without having hands, Suzuki just headbutted Yano just before handcuffing Suzuki. Now neither male had hands, they’d just throw double axe handles at each other – in advance of Suzuki would uncover a way to get the rear naked choke.

Suzuki observed some keys, and obtained absolutely free, when Yano was nonetheless cuffed. The pet leash was employed to whip Yano just before he was hung in excess of the ropes by it. He’d be collared and pulled all around the ringside region. Suzuki shoved the ring hammer into the eye of Yano right before finally putting him in the cage.

Yano by some means managed to cuff Suzuki into the cage and he’d lock the cage shut!! By some means, in opposition to all odds Suzuki was trapped in the cage, and Yano wins yet again! Kosei Fujita was also trapped in with Suzuki, who was in grave hazard as the cage was wheeler to the back.

Residence Of Torture Get The To start with Blow When Again

Last evening, Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI were equipped to continue to be the IWGP Tag Group Champions, in spite of the fight that EVIL, Yujiro Takahashi and the rest of House of Torture supplied. That match was a issue for CHAOS receiving tonights match, as they look to obstacle Home of Torture to reclaim the Never ever Openweight 6 Guy Tag Crew Championships. With the lineup of Hirooki Goto, YOSHI-HASHI and YOH on hand tonight, and months of practical experience at dealing with Home of Torture, tonight could last but not least be the turning place for CHAOS in their war with H.O.T.

As quickly as everybody strike the ring this just one broke out into a substantial brawl, with Takahashi having YOSHI-HASHI in the ring. Dick Togo would be overwhelmed down at ringside by CHAOS as EVIL watched in horror. By some means, times later on Dick Togo was choking YOSHI-HASHI with a chair. Back again in the ring, Takahashi strike The Stroke – but seeing as he’s not Jeff Jarrett, would only get a two depend.

CHAOS Fail To Reclaim Their Gold

EVIL would look for a vertical suplex, prior to YOSHI-HASHI countered with a suplex of his personal. Goto would get the tag and nail a backdrop suplex. SHO tagged in and raked the eyes, before getting dropped with a significant lariat from Goto. YOH would tag in and trade blows with his former lover, ahead of hitting the inverted Dragon Screw and making use of the Out of Print.

SHO would be in a position to get the ropes and get no cost of the modified Calf Crusher submission, but was immediately dropped by the Falcon Arrow. YOSHI-HASHI & Takahashi acquired tags and Takahashi nailed the basement dropkick to the face. Dwelling of Torture would rush YOSHI-HASHI down in advance of Takahashi strike the Fisherman Buster for a two depend.

Goto & YOSHI-HASHI would take the ring and nail their tag workforce finisher on Takahashi, but Dick Togo pulled the referee out of the ring. EVIL brought a metal chair prior to employing it to soften up YOSHI-HASHI for the Magic Killer. Goto, YOH and YOSHI-HASHI set up the Extremely Violent Flash, but Takahashi fought free of charge and strike a reduced blow. SHO employed a wrench, and Large Juice landed to near this match out.

What will it just take for CHAOS to conquer Home of Torture? Permit us know what you think in the remark area down down below.

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